Children’s Oncology Foundation Krtek (Nadační fond dětské onkologie Krtek)

The Children’s Oncology Foundation Krtek (NFDO Krtek) was founded in November 1999 by prof. MD Jaroslav Štěrba, Ph.D., current head of the Department of Pediatric Oncology at the Brno University Hospital and chairman of the NFDO Krtek Board of Directors. NFDO Krtek is part of the Children’s Oncology Clinic of FN Brno (KDO FN Brno) and thanks to this supports children with cancer during and after treatment in many areas.

  • The activity of NFDO Krtek is based on three pillars:
    personalized treatment and treatment research of childhood tumors,
    Improving the quality of life of patients and their families, and Home care
  • NFDO Krtek supports personalized treatment, which represents an innovative and less toxic way of treating childhood oncological diseases.
  • A pediatric patient who has failed standard treatment is given “tailored” treatment based on specialized diagnostics.
  • NFDO Krtek continuously modernizes the ambulance and all departments of the Clinic of children´s oncology in The University Hospital Brno, facilities for parents and playrooms for children.
  • After the end of treatment, NFDO Krtek tries to make it easier for children to return to normal life, by organizing reconditioning and resocialization events, in which they can participate together with their siblings, friends and parents.
  • Video: Children’s Oncology Foundation Krtek

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