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We are SYNERGIE, a human resources consulting firm that has been operating on the Czech and Slovak market for over 25 years. An established supplier of high-quality labour to industry, logistics, and services. We provide a comprehensive and ongoing recruitment service to ensure the continuity of any operation. We can quickly and reliably solve labour shortages on production lines or at service locations. We can help you minimise the impact of turnover by quickly replacing non-performing or redundant employees so you can focus on your business and profitability.

We professionally cover incidental and ongoing recruitment – from individuals to hundreds of people. The selection process is always the responsibility of an experienced coordinator from a team specialising in the field of a particular client. A natural part of our services is the responsibility to monitor legislation and fully comply with its requirements.

With seamless recruitment from SYNERGIE, you can put all HR worries out of your mind

Defining requirements

Finding suitable candidates

Presentations and interviews


Defining requirements

We will check your specific expectations and requirements for candidates. We will clarify all the required information: from the number of employees, to their start date, wage and salary.

Finding suitable candidates

Presentations and interviews


In what areas does agency employment provide the biggest benefits?

When does an HR consulting company really pay for itself?

  • When you are dealing with a lack of internal HR capacity to recruit or provide support.
  • When filling the positions of experienced ordinary employees, group managers, and independent professional staff.
  • When it is necessary to quickly add expert teams during an outage or the start-up of a new operation.
  • In case you need to cover projects/campaigns for which you do not have the staffing capacity.

What will a smooth recruitment by SYNERGIE bring you?

We know the local market perfectly, and we have a global company with a half-century of history in agency employment behind us. We will increase the efficiency of your HR processes and help with the smooth operation of the company. With us, you can rely on always getting what we promise.

Continuous and fast recruitment of candidates

Complete professional selection service

From organising face-to-face meetings with candidates to signing the employment contract

Professional advice

Guarantee service

They trust us

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