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Agency recruitment is a modern and efficient solution for labor supply to industry. For the needs of modern businesses, such as warehouses, manufacturing businesses or logistics centers, temporary employees are often the only way how to cover seasons, peaks, new production or the sale of new goods and services.

For such cases, we are ready to set up an on-site workplace operated by our dedicated coordinator on site. They are permanently or on selected days present at the client’s location and administer the contact between employees, management of individual workplaces and HR

department of the employer, complete wage management and personnel agenda.

SYNERGIE coordinator is your guarantee of good organization of the workforce, solves emergency situations and employee replacement during turnover.

You will get direct access to all SYNERGIE support team services through your own coordinator. Part of their work is daily reporting just to help you to ensure your perfect control.

When  the service is suitable:

  • Large teams of workers to perform similar activities (warehouse workers, workers, operators, consultants, etc.), necessity of daily reporting and performance inspection
  • The need for accurate performance planning on a short-term (daily / weekly) basis
  • Need for extremely fast recruitment
  • High turnover in low-skilled positions


What the service will bring:

  • An experienced coordinator available at the workplace
  • The coordinator provides the ombudsman’s service
  • Immediate resolution of emergency situations
  • Regular reporting according to your definition
  • Daily overview of the situation, continuous solution of osh, fire protection and other regulations
  • Specialized process tailored to the client’s needs
  • Managing turnover and overtime
  • Synergie overtakes the full responsibility for the legislative and formal correctness of processes and documentation processing


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SYNERGIE is a traditional supplier of quality workforce to industry, logistics and services. We operate more than 25 years on the Czech market, over 50 years of experience in Europe. Our long-standing know-how gives us full control over processes. Thanks to this we provide our clients with fast, smooth and high-quality coverage of their requirements.

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