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Agency employment in the name of SYNERGIE

We will solve your labour shortages – both temporary and permanent. From A to Z. Fast and reliable. We are an established supplier of quality workforce for industry, logistics, and services, with deep-rooted know-how and years of proven experience. We will assemble teams according to your requirements, from individuals to hundreds of people. We cover training, operator development, payrolling, benefit management, and replenishing turnover. We can bring in employees from abroad, and we cover their administration, accommodation, and building back-office support.

Responsibility for monitoring legislation and the full compliance of processes with statutory requirements is what we do at SYNERGIE. Thanks to our professional recruiters with many years of experience, you will once again be able to fully focus on your business, growth, and profit.

The benefits of our modern and comprehensive HR service

Finding workers 


Work processes 



Finding workers

Our multi-method recruitment always includes multiple sources of candidates. In addition to our own comprehensive database of employees, we use innovative online recruitment methods and other resources. The primary goal is to quickly find the most suitable candidate based on the client’s criteria and a high-quality, fast selection process.


Work processes



Who is reaping the biggest rewards from agency work today?

When should you bring in human resources consultants?

  • When you are dealing with a lack of internal HR capacity to recruit or provide support.
  • When you need to suddenly recruit more workers because of an outage or start-up of a new line.
  • When your business requires an fluctuating number of employees throughout the year.
  • When you want to optimise cash flow, or reduce administration or labour costs.

How does cooperation work?

We will help you with the smooth operation of the company and increase the efficiency of HR processes. We know the local market very well and we have a global company with over 50 years of history behind us. In addition to a quickly and appropriately selected workforce, you also get guaranteed legislative compliance. Moreover, we will also take care of your reputation in the labour market.

You define for us the requirements and expectations of the candidate(s)

We provide efficient and fast recruitment activities and find suitable candidates

We will organize their presentations and interviews

This is followed by the final selection and provision of onboarding

They trust us

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