Lenka Srchová

Why do I work at SYNERGIE?

I like being part of a smaller team with the environment of a large company with a long tradition and an established great reputation on the European market. I enjoy working at SYNERGIE because every day is different. The dynamics of recruitment set the direction of my days, whether in the form of the diverse needs and requirements of our clients, special challenges or the opportunity to take part in various projects and to represent a team composed of outstanding people.
At SYNERGIE, I learn something new every day, especially about the field in which our company operates. It’s about people and working with people, day-to-day communication and facing challenges.
I have also learned here what recruitment and executive search projects are about, and I have improved my organisational skills and time management. SYNERGIE is a place where I have an opportunity to learn and grow professionally and in terms of my career, and to constantly raise my personal bar a bit higher.

What do I do when I’m not working?

In my free time, I like to replenish my energy by travelling across Europe, hiking in the Prague area or a bit farther out, visiting my home town in Moravia, roller-skating, jogging and hanging out with friends.