Marcela Mešková

HR Consultant

Why am I at SYNERGIE?

I knew that I wanted an agency environment, not internal HR. I like the dynamic and I want to see the results of my work. And why SYNERGIE specifically? Because I want to see whether synergy in this case is only a phrase or if it actually involves a firm where cooperation is the key to success. And cooperation is what my daily work requires. I communicate with a large number of clients as well as candidates. I enjoy the diversity, whether of the work tasks that I perform or of the positions that I fill. I fulfil the needs and requirements of others. They are often challenges for me that, however, push me forward both personally and professionally.

What I do when I’m not working?

I like to relax. I´m trying to spend a maximum amount of my free time with my family and friends. Ideally in the countryside, going for walks, good grilling. And since I like to create, in my free time I also focus on DIY activities – I make decorations and gel nails.