Martin Huba

Martin Huba

Managing Director

Why am I at SYNERGIE?

I’ve known SYNERGIE since I was at school, when I applied for an internship through Aiesec. At that time, as a third-year university student, I explained to the committee at the firm’s premises at Michalskej 7 why I was a suitable candidate for the exchange programme and to work at an Indian IT firm. Thanks to that, I spent an unforgettable nine months in India and today I have a global network of friends from literally every corner of the world.
Afterwards, when I was looking for a new job as a software engineer thirteen years ago, I found that, in addition to my love of technologies and innovations, I had a very broad network of contacts in the field and a desire to learn how things and firms operate.
We came to an agreement and outside of the top brands in the IT industry, I received an offer from SYNERGIE to set up an IT recruitment team in Bratislava in connection with interview marathons… Unusual, but a very appealing challenge, especially with the passage of time…

What I do when I’m not working

Perhaps the simplest words that describe me are DIYer and experimenter. Not only technological toys, 3D printing and Arduino, but also chandeliers made of wine bottles and cork decorations. I like good food and I like to relax while cooking. If you have never had sous vide scrambled eggs or roast beef, I’d be glad to make it.