Monika Branišová

HR Consultant

Why am I at SYNERGIE?

Teamwork is the foundation of every job because then you can do great things. There’s a great team of co-workers here who make your day better, even if you’re feeling down. I accepted the challenge of IT recruitment. I’d had no previous experience in the IT field. My motto: #nevertryneverknow. You have to fire yourself up to work and mainly have many options and opportunities in order to develop. I got the opportunity to work with LinkedIn because that’s my day-to-day talent-search tool. I attended a few trainings and that led me to conduct my own workshops. I am also a LinkedIn Synergy Guru. That is what I enjoy about my job and find fulfilling.

What I do when I’m not working

I am very active, so after work, I look for various possibilities such as workshops and networking events focused on HR or marketing because I enjoy creative work and I try to do things differently. After work, I recharge my energy with various workout groups and I go to the gym. I come from a wine-making family, so the wine is taken care of. I enjoy travelling and getting to know different countries. I’m an Insta guru, so the stories keep coming. I most enjoy stand-up comedy, so the jokes are taken care of. In short, everywhere and everything to see.