Monika Smiešková

HR Consultant

Why am I at SYNERGIE?

For me, the feeling I got from the interview and the atmosphere in the company was decisive. The professional and friendly approach of the managers indicated to me equality in the working relationship. And the laughter and sympathetic faces indicated a great team. These were the reasons that I accepted the offer. I stayed because of the high degree of professionalism and quality, which is important to me at work, the opportunity to develop and work on myself and because of the people with whom it is a joy to work, whether management or my colleagues.

What I do when I’m not working

I love adventure holidays, whether roaring through China on a scooter, whale watching on a small boat in the Azores or hitchhiking in Romania. When I am not traveling, I actively relax in the woods or by the lake, but you can also find me at a Metallica concert or at the Novarock festival like a proper rocker. But, hand on heart, I also like to lounge around in front of the TV like any movie fan and snuggle with my furry adopted cat, Aragorn.