What to expect at interview?


During the personal meeting, we will go over your CV in detail – focusing on your attained education, skills, and work experience. Next, we will discuss your preference in work activities and situations you have dealt with at your previous employment(s).

Express yourself

(approx. 10 minutes)

This is the right time for you to express your idea of an ideal job – don’t be afraid to be frank, the more we get to know about your preferences, the better we will be able to help you in selecting the right position.

Review of language skills

(5-10 minutes)

The interview has a foreign language component whereby our associate converses with the applicant in the language required by our client. Generally, we test this skill in any of the aforementioned parts of the interview.

Presentation of job opportunities

(10 minutes)

We will present to you the employment opportunities, which we feel may be interesting and suitable for you. This is also the place for your questions about the employers for whom we are filling these positions. We will also explain the next steps in the process.

Feedback Session

(5-10 minutes)

As part of our interview, once completed, we will provide constructive feedback on your presentation, e.g. skills and experience and other aspects that may be helpful to elaborate on. We believe that our feedback will improve your presentation giving you a better shot at landing the job after a successful interview at our client’s.

We also welcome feedback from you to help us improve the way we do our job.