Standard resume in Slovakia should contain the following information:

  • Personal information (Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Place of Permanent Residence).
  • The highest level of education attained, any supplemental education.
  • Work experience (listed chronologically – from the most recent to the oldest).
  • Foreign language skills (level).
  • Level of computer skills.
  • Certificates, trainings in which you have participated.

Don’t forget:

  • If responding to several job offers, be sure to adjust each CV to fit a given position.
  • Highlight those work experiences that align the best with the job you are responding to.
  • Take into account the type of company you are applying to – pay attention to the content as well as the form.
  • American companies prefer a more detailed information about your employment responsibilities/ achievements.
  • German companies prefer good structuring and organization of the information.
  • In each case, provide basic information on your job responsibilities and duties.
  • Don’t be afraid to also provide information on reaching your set goals/achievements you have attained in your previous positions.
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