Recently, Šimon Jurčík, an experienced professional with almost twenty years of experience in the field of trade and project management, joined our team. His decision to take on a position in Cheb region is not coincidental, as a native of Cheb with rich experience in the business sphere in this region, he has a solid foundation for successfully building new business relationships in western Bohemia.

Šimon shares his main goals in this new role with us: “Bringing in new projects and contributing to SYNERGIE’s position as one of the leading personnel companies in the Czech Republic is my priority. I look forward to collaborating with new colleagues and the opportunity to learn new things from them.”

The key challenge for Šimon in this new region is increasing awareness of SYNERGIE and building long-term relationships with clients. “It’s about listening to the needs of clients and seeking new business opportunities. I will build on existing relationships and actively seek new collaboration opportunities,” says Šimon.

Thanks to his rich experience and expertise, Šimon is convinced that he will bring real value to his clients in this region. “Gaining the trust of the client is crucial. It is important to be honest, provide the client with all the information, and be available even in challenging situations,” explains Šimon.

Outside of work, Šimon enjoys spending his time actively. “I love movement and exploring new places. The Czech Republic offers many interesting locations that I enjoy exploring, whether on a mountain bike, motorcycle, or hiking,” shares Šimon. Additionally, he enjoys taking time to read books and watch documentary programs, which helps him relax after a demanding day at work.

Šimon Jurčík is an invaluable addition to the SYNERGIE team, and his approach and experience promise a successful future.