Our recruitment agency has now been operating in the Czech market for thirty years. Thanks to these decades of experience, we know well the importance of personal contact. In order to be closer to job seekers and those looking for employees, we are opening a new branch in Ostrava on July 1st. This will make SYNERGIE a strategic partner for clients from all over the Czech Republic.

We can cover the Ostrava and Olomouc regions

The new Ostrava office means the greater availability of our services – not only for local companies but also for job seekers. Helping to open the Ostrava office is Dominika Kopčáková (Operations Manager CZ), and she points out: “We’ll be closer for all candidates, future employees and, of course, companies.  We’ll have the opportunity to meet in person and be more flexible.” Until 2021 SYNERGIE had offices only in Prague and Brno, before adding a branch in Cheb. The SYNERGIE Group also extends to Poland and Slovakia, which is why Ostrava makes such a suitable strategic location for further development.

But the new branch also brings new challenges. Above all, reaching out to the public and establishing new business partnerships. “Another big challenge is to demonstrate that the references about us from existing clients are true, and that the level of our services can be very high also in the Moravian-Silesian and Olomouc regions,” adds Jakub Sedláček (Staffing Director of CZ&SK).

A partnership that makes sense

The extension of activities to the Ostrava and Olomouc regions represents an important step for our agency in the strategy of building a long-term partnerships and supporting the development of the regions. “From a commercial point of view, Ostrava has been undergoing intensive modernisation and environmental renewal in recent years, attracting more and more green companies. The environment is a particularly important issue for the Ostrava region and as a result the region is becoming very strong in terms of its green economy. This means a high concentration of companies focused on energy research and renewables. These companies naturally need workers in a wide range of roles and with all kinds of experience. This is our domain – SYNERGIE and S&you,” says Martin Huba (Managing Director CZ&SK). Our goal is to find the right people and connect them with promising employers in this area.

We draw on international experience

Thanks to the SYNERGIE Group’s international presence in France, Slovakia, Poland, and 14 other countries, we can also recruit employees from abroad for local companies. We are currently able to cover recruitment for both qualified and unskilled jobs from Ukraine, Philippines, the Balkans, Poland, and Slovakia.

Through membership in organisations and groups such as People Management Forum, APPS (Association of Personnel Service Providers), or the French-Czech Chamber of Commerce, we have a clear view of new trends and tendencies in HR that we apply to our daily work.

Tailored services

Our services are the same for the whole of the Czech Republic, the needs and expectations of the client are always key. Dominika Kopčáková specifies: “We can help with recruitment across all positions, from warehouse worker to team leader, administration or HR to company executive.  You can always expect a fair and personal approach from us. We not only look at the local market for candidates, but we are able to reach beyond our borders, either with the help of our Polish colleagues, or to look further afield and tailor recruitment to specific needs.”

We will be focusing on:

  • Recruitment and selection of local and foreign employees.
  • Temporary assignment of staff (agency employment).
  • Core staff recruitment.
  • Outsourcing of HR services and processes.
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Building a long-term partnership is key for us

Business relationships are not for us mere transactional relationships between supplier and customer, we always build partnerships.  Long-term ones at that,” says Jakub Sedláček, drawing on his 13-year experience in the recruitment agency. We are also bringing this philosophy to the new branch in Ostrava, with a mission to become a reliable partner for companies from the Ostrava and Olomouc regions.

Our goal is to actively participate in the local labour market, building relationships with local companies and professionals not only from the HR field. Dominika Kopčáková outlines her future plans: “We’ll be meeting more often together at conferences, trainings and various events. And will welcome you to our new premises in the beautiful and historic Prosperita Palace.”

If you are looking for an experienced and trusted partner in the search for employees and employment, we look forward to our cooperation in Prague, Brno, Cheb, and now Ostrava in Prosperita Palace at street Nádražní 213/10.

Michal Červinka

Sales Representative
+420 606 640 643

Dominika Kopčáková 

Operations Manager
+420 702 178 022

Jakub Sedláček

Staffing Director CZ&SK
+420 601 358 064