They hinder development, work slowly, do not integrate into the team. These are some of the most frequent predjudises the applicant over fifty have to face.

Local companies still deal with the candidates of this age category with disrespect. Younger employees are said to be more active, dynamic, do not mind overtimes and will stay in the company significantly longer. These opinions are no longer true nowadays. On their first day at the new position, up to 40% of the employees 30 years old and younger consider where will they move next. Nearly 48% of employees at the age of up to 34 suppose that they will stay at the current job for maximum of 3-5 more years. The progress in the career, as they believe, is easier by changing the job rather than by negotiations about the promotion at the current company.

One of the determinants colliding with the predjudices about hiring people over fifty years old is a very low unemployment rate. The number of employed up to 40 years old is constantly falling. One of the possibilities how to replace this labor force is exactly to open the job positions for the elder and more experienced ones.

What kind of advantages does this bring to the company? The applicants over fifty can have years of experience and knowledges in the field. These are priceless when solving a more complex situations within the company. 

Recently, there is also a dramatic increase in the employee fluctuation rate. The highest share on this situation has the age group of the 25-34 years old (29,7 %), followed by the youngest group – 18 – 24 years old (26,7 %). The elder job applicants are more loyal towards the company – there is a lower risk they will let themselves be tempted by better benefits and will leave the company.

Up to 36 % of the workers in technical fields have faced discrimination based on their age. They are said to be unable to follow and accept new trends in the field. Yet, just a little would help: apart from the possibility of further education, the most important is to appreciate the elder employees for their well-done job, to respect their field experience and to accept their arguments without sarcastic remarks on their age. The intergenerational dialogue within a company is priceless. According to ČSU statistics, the employment rate among the group of 55 – 64-year old is only 46,5 %. These are not really pleasing numbers when compared to the historically highest employment rate that has become a trend during recent years. Synergie tip: if you are hiring employees of higher age, ask them, what would they need to feel good at work. Do they want to forward the information about their age to other colleagues? Do they have ambitions to lead the team in future or will they better be its part? If they have long-term experience, in the field, would they like to lead a training in the company? Do they feel like speaking at the huge conferences to represent the company? If you make all these questions clear at the very beginning, you can avoids loads of misunderstandings.