Young people recruitment for chemical industry and engineering. How to get and retain them?

 “We do not have employees. Young people do not want us and if they start a job with us, they leave within the trial period. What should we do with it?”

This is the most frequent sentence the chemical and engineering companies come to us with. Seeing the annual chart of population strength of generations of people who are about to enter the labor market in following years, it is clear that neither the prospects for the future are optimistic. Contrary, the situation needs to be reflected and structural changes must be made in the process of the recruitment and onboarding and it is necessary to focus on employer branding and particularly on communication with the generation Z applicants. 

First of all, we need to get rid of the idea that the applicants themselves will make the first step, will actively look up the company, ideally contact its HR department showing the interest in the job position. Only a minimum of companies is in this position today since the applicant often gets more job offers that are almost identical. At this point they decide according to your name and reputation. Does the applicant`s vision agree with yours? Do you recognize same values? These are the questions the applicant is trying to answer unknowingly with every job offer. 

An example of the information the applicants are primarily interested in and that can affect his decision:

Does the company use BAT? Are the operations modern, comfortable and safe?

Does the company work on development products, does it have its own research?

Is the company a major exporter, do its employees get in touch with the international environment?

Does the company have any CSR project, does it care about communities?

Does the company have an ethical code and monitor its following?

Is responsible purchasing policy and responsible waste policy in action? 

What is the history of the company, does it provide its employees with the background and prestige of a traditional brand?