We started the year 2024 with a Kick Off meeting in Vysočina to strengthen relationships between teams, familiarize ourselves with the company’s vision and goals, and to create new strategies.

In today’s rapidly changing work environment, it’s crucial for companies, including our staffing agency, to invest in strengthening relationships within teams and creating synergy among employees. Recently, we witnessed a unique event in Vysočina, where colleagues from SYNERGIE and S&you participated in KICK OFF 2024. These two days were focused on developing teamwork and creating strong connections among employees.

Kick off was not just another ordinary event; it was an intense experience that brought new perspectives. During these two intensive days, employees engaged in various activities, presentation meeting and the communication game Desperados. Each part of the program was designed to strengthen teamwork, clearly define goals, and move towards common success.

One of the key moments of the event was the appreciation of successful employees. The names of promoted colleagues and ambassadors of the values of our personnel agency were ceremoniously announced. Congratulations to Petra, Dominika, Kristína, and Peter.

Kick off teambuilding 2024 is an example of how investment in teamwork can pay off. These two days filled with activities, collaboration, and new ideas are evidence that creating synergy among employees is crucial for the success of our job agency in today’s dynamic environment.