IT, Telco, Fintech positions

ICT development projects, Industry 4.0, development and implementation of new technologies for production, CRM, operations management and digital security. These are examples of areas in which our experienced IT team employs experts.

Our consultants are recruitment specialists and they are also educated in the field of information and communication technologies and in the fields of our client`s business. They follow new technologies on the market, participate in discussions with experts, and can combine demands on employees for finance, manufacturing or economic-business activities with IT requirements. As a result, they are able to analyse the needs of candidates and clients and find a job that perfectly fits with their preferences, professional qualifications and skills. The IT team deals with employing specialist and manager positions for IT management divisions in ICT companies or IT-related operations in manufacturing and services, quickly and professionally assessing your needs and bringing together people and jobs that perfectly match your preferences, expertise and skills.